Thursday, 17 May 2012

Won Tabasco Sauce Samples

I won these samples on Tabasco's facebook page.
I didn't know if I was going to get them because I never received a confirmation email.
So, I just waited...and waited...and waited...
Then it finally came!!  Yeah!
Good timing because I will be having guests over soon so I can share these suckers.
See what I do for my friends?  They better love me for all the stress of trying to get them. :)

It came in a small box with 10 each of mini bottles of the original Tabasco sauce, sachets Chipotle sauce, $1 off coupons, and pin codes all neatly packaged to give them out.
I will have to keep one to try so my friends will have to arm wrestle for the rest...
If I am lucky, maybe some of my friends might redeem their pin and help me win some moo-lah...


  1. Wow you need to share you free sample deals on your blog a lot more! I'm a sample hoarder. My dad would of loved that!

  2. I tried to get this no luck :P