Friday, 11 May 2012

Baby Shower

This past weekend I attend one of my friend's baby shower.
She had about 100 guests (both parents & kids) so her family rented a room at a community center
At the end of the party she gave out "cupcakes".
These cupcakes are made of small wash cloths.
They are very easy to make and I am pretty sure you can make it too.
I am not sure where she got the bumble bee or the lady bug might be either the dollar store or Michael's.


  1. Hello, HC.
    This is a nice simple idea as a party favour for a baby shower. Great idea.
    Thank you for this post, Happy Chinadoll.

  2. what a cute idea and relatively simple to make (or at least it looks like it ;-)). I've seen baby items made to look like Sushi too, very imaginative indeed.