Monday, 21 May 2012

Another bunch of Freebies!!

Keep them coming.
Free stuff always brighten my day.

1. M&Ms Facebook are giving away free M&M's at random so give it a shot and you might win. You can enter everyday regardless if you have won or not.
My favourite is the peanut M&M's.
My daughter and I shared this and it was gone in seconds.

2. I think wrote to them and I received a few coupons in the mail.  One of them was a free Johnson & Johnson's take along pack.  I love Johnson & Johnson's.  These are already in my diaper bag.

3. Filled out a survey (cant remember which one) and a few weeks later I received a bunch of coupons and one of them was a free bottle of Powerade Zero.  These are great for a hot summer day work out.


  1. I can see why the M&Ms went so fast... lol! Yum!! I received the baby freebie as well & used it as a part of the last baby gift I gave! :)

    1. It is a small bag. You cant blame me. Wished they gave me a bigger bag and maybe it will last longer.
      It is so useful for mothers and mother-to-be...good job :)

  2. Free stuff is always good! Especially free M&M's!! Happy Monday! Angie xo

    1. It feels like I have earned that free item.