Friday, 6 April 2012


Let me show you what I managed to finish.
It is not easy to finish what you have started especially you have so much of them.
This took me over 3 months to get through.
Now off to the recycling bin...

I am trying my best not to purchase more lotions & lip balms until I am finish with the ones I already have.
I am in the process of finishing another body lotion and lip balm.
Have you finish a bottle of lotion or make-up lately?


  1. I adopted this policy about a year ago and I try very hard to follow it. I focus on finishing up all the products I have before buying new ones. Good for the earth too. Glad to see someone like me here :)

    Heel in Mint

    1. It is so hard when you want to try something new or when there is a sale so you grab two or three of them :)

  2. It feels so good to use something up! I just used up this huge tub of body scrub from the Body Shop which I didn't like very much (made it so much harder to use up!) and I was so proud of myself ;-)

    1. I know what you mean. My goal is to use up my some of my collection of body lotions.

  3. yes I've been there too. How come I never seem to remember that I bought a product new last time I was shopping? I promptly buy it again to be on the safe side. Then it takes forever to use them up. :-)