Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Balm: Betty-Lou Manizer

I was at my "local" Rexall/Pharma Plus drug store.
I didn't know they sold the Balm cosmetics there...
I thought it was sold on-line.
I was looking at the all-in-one bronzer, shimmer, and eyeshadow for C$30.
When I did a swatch it looked like I had a bad tan.
It was very smooth and light.
However, I think it was too dark for me.
I am hoping one of the beauty sample boxes include a bronzer one day.
Do think I should have bought it?

without flash


  1. The Balm is also sold at London Drugs.

    I find that though the Balm has some really nice products they don't seem to work with asian skin tones. I have three of their products and none of the really work for me.

    For $30, I'd say skip this product because you'd probably be able to find another all in one for less and that would actually look good on you. :)

    1. We don't have London Drugs here. I agree. I thought it was expensive. Saved myself $30.

  2. Haha bad tan! I love theBalm eyeshadows a lot, and I hear a lot of people like the concealer. But that's all I've tried from them-I don't even have a blush from them, can you believe it?

    1. It was so dark that it looks like I had a bad tan :) I like pale skin.

  3. Thanks for an honest review, this is too expensive for me and I too believe that other products would do the job at a better price.