Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Face cream review

The Clinique cream (small size)
I purchased this at Holt Renfrew when I had a $10 gift card to use.
I was thinking of getting the larger size but it has been ages since I have used this cream and I don't know if I will like it.
After a few days, I can't seem to like it.
It might be the winter weather because it is very light and does not hydrate my skin enough.
I will try it again during the summer months.
If I don't, I could always give it to my mom. :)

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  1. Debbie White Beattie11 September 2017 at 03:41

    Don't you hate it when you buy something and when you try it it's not what you'd hoped it would be. I hate wasting money on products I end up not liking.