Sunday, 5 February 2012

Too Much Product

This past weekend I found that I use too much product.
I like to use a heaping blob of shampoo that goes all over my hand.
A little goes a long way.
Products are not cheap so we have to make them last.

When we are wash our hair, use a small amount to get the dirt and grime out.
To get the the foaming effect...wash the hair twice, but the second time around you only need a dime size amount.

Facial cleaner
We should always cleanse our face regardless if we have make up on or not.  We are washing the grime out from the pollution in the air and the oil from our face.  Use enough to soak the pad and use both sides.

Facial cream
After you wash your face, pat it dry.  It should be slightly damp.  You will be able to use less product when it is damp instead of dry.  Same goes for leave-in hair conditioner - apply on damp hair.

When you are paying $50 or $60 or even $120+ you want it to last for a few months not a few weeks. :)
C $245

C $120
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  1. I always use too much! Good reminder :)

    1. Lucky I dont purchase super expensive products! I go through shampoos so fast - one bottle every 3.5 weeks.

  2. Thanks for the reminder... I sometimes tend to use too much product too.

  3. I always use too much even tho lately I'd been using my stuff better ! Nice post, it's time we focus on avoiding to waste expensive products ! Plus sometimes too much is even bad for our skin or hair !

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  4. I do use too much as well , thanks for sharing :) rafflecopter name Treen Goodwin :)