Friday, 3 February 2012

Purse Hooks ~ #Review

Purse hooks are these little gadgets that holds your purse when you are at a restaurant or at a bar.
I received mine as a gift to be redeemed at Stylish Hooks.
I ordered them early December and I received them at the end of January.
That is insane.
It took two months and it is not the right hook that I wanted it.
I ordered the Pink Flower but I received a zebra print as you can see in the pictures.
It was not one of the options listed.
Furthermore, the company is in Alberta but the item came from Singapore...
I emailed them to complain and they wrote back saying they will send me the correct one and I could keep this one.
I will wait and see if they do.

Purse Hooks
The snack size Smarties was to demonstrate the size of the hook

My review on Stylish Hooks:

Prices - $35!  That is insane.  However, I have seen them selling through WagJag and other group discounts for $15.  I still wont purchase them.  I have seen these for $10 or less at HomeSense/Winners.
Shipping - I think it is free.  I purchased mine with a voucher so my shipping was free.
Website - It needs improvement.  It was pretty easy to use.
Delivery - Took two months :(  and no tracking service.
Customer Service - They replied to my complaint very quickly but I don't know if they will send me the correct hook that I ordered.

Overall, I will not use this site again or recommend it.   The only good thing is - it holds my purse :)


  1. Wow $35! When I was in China they sold them for about $2-$5 each and they are just as nice and sturdy.

    1. That's so funny. The value on the package said it is $2. That is alot of profit!

  2. Aside from holding your purse, these purse hooks also provide additional space for storage since you don't need to place your bags on the floor anymore.

  3. Cute, but a bit pricey

  4. My daughter has a purse hook, quite nifty little things they are too :-)