Friday, 3 February 2012

In My Piggy Bank - Part 2

I could look at Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Gucci, and Prada purses all day.

I understand they are nice to have but would I drop $300 or $1,500+ on a purse?
That is rent/mortgage or groceries money!
I rather have the money in my pocket.
I think my most expensive purse was $109.
Even if you re-sell it, how much do you get back?
I doubt you will get more than you bought it for...then again you might get lucky :)

My few tips to reduce wasteful spending:

1. Don't buy/limit your purchase on paper towels
Use cloth towels or rags that you can wash and reuse.  You will be amaze how much  you can save when you are not dropping $5-$7 a week or every other week on paper towels.  Not only this will save you money but also helps the environment.

2. Don't buy/limit your purchase on sandwich bags
Use tupperwares or wash & re-use them again.  I don't think we need more garbage added to our earth.

3. Eating in
So you have heard that you could save money if you bring your own lunch or eat at home.  It's true and it is alot more healthier.  Restaurants uses more fattier meats, lard/butter, and more sodium than you normally would.  No wonder they taste better.  Try this for a month or two and I think your piggy bank and waistline will thank you.  For the days you are not in the mood to cook, use take out instead.  Why?  First, you might have leftovers and second you don't have to pay tip.  :)  If ordering, try the pick-up option.  Some places will give you a discount if you pick it up.

4. Limit your coffee/tea purchase
You will be amazed how much you save if you purchase Starbucks/Tim Horton's once a week instead of every working day.  There is a co-worker who purchase her coffee everyday (5X a week).  $4 per coffee x 261 working days in a year =  $1,044 a year.  Imagine both you and your husband purchase coffee daily.  That is $2,088.  That is worth a vacation trip to Cuba or one person trip to China!  Here is a tip you can limit your coffee/tea purchases.  First, pick your ONE coffee/tea hot spot and get their gift card.  Put in $20 or $30 and that is your limit for the month.  You can not re-load the gift card until the next month.  When it is time to reload, just top it off to the maximum of $20 or $30.

5. Groceries
I think you have heard this before.  Bring a shopping list or don't go shopping when you are hungry.  My tip is avoid the junk food isles if you could.  If you don't purchase $3 bags of chips, $4 boxes of cookies, or $6 for pop every week, you can easily save money and reduce your waistline.  If you could, take multiple trips during the week so you purchase what you need every two or three days so there is no waste.  I could do that if the grocery store was walking distance.  I think you waste alot of gas by driving back and forth every few days.

I never said saving was easy.  It is about sacrifices for the future so you are not dipping into debt.  You might never know, you might shed a few pounds from my saving tips that you might need a whole new wardrobe...LOL

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  1. These are all really great tips to save money! I also try to use coupons when ever possiible.