Thursday, 5 January 2012

What's up doc?

Received my Aveeno Lip Balm in the mail the other day.
I was lucky to remember to sign up for a sample.
I have use this item before and I adore it.
It is a very expensive lip balm.  On it cost $5.99 for a stick.
I find all Aveeno's products expensive but I love them.
It is a love and hate relationship.

I found some tic tac on sale the other day.
I use to remember they were so inexpensive but now it cost over $1+ for a little bigger size.
I love the classic orange flavour and now there is cherry passion which I also like.
Even my daughter loves them.
Which is your favourite?

Dropped by to our local Lego store and find all their Lego are so expensive.
I really like the Star Wars motif but where would I put them?
I did find a key chain I like.  It was 50% off!

Ta ta for now :)

1 comment:

  1. I find everything is just getting more and more expensive these days. I do like Aveeno too but I agree with you that is rather expensive for a lip balm.