Sunday, 1 January 2012

Movie Date

We headed out to see another movie on Christmas Day while my mom watched the little ones.
He wanted to see Tintin.
Sure why not.
Not realizing it is in 3D.
I dont mind 3D movies.  What I hate is the glasses.
I already wear glasses and with a little Asian nose it was hard to watch the movie - the 3D glasses does not like to stay on.
I had to keep holding it - so uncomfortable.
I enjoyed the movie but I think that will be the end of the 3D movie experience for me.
Until we dont have to wear the 3D glasses anymore.
What do you think?

I remember when I was young I have glance at the comic book or the tv show.  I think the tv show was in French???
It had a great story line and ended with a possibility of another movie.  I wonder where I can get that kind of dog - he is so cute.

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