Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lip Balm, LipBalm, and more Lip Balm

I am crazy about lip balms.
I have so many of them they are everywhere in my house.
Over the past two years I have been using my favourite Carmex Lip Balm.
It is cheap $2+ and does the job.  I can put this before I go to bed and it will last through out the night.

The next best one will be the Aveeno's Lip Balm.
It really moisture my lip but at a cost!!  About $6.  I will only purchase this if it is on sale.

My other favourite is from Bath and Body Works - CO Bigelow's Shea Lip Butter
It has no smell and it is not sticky like their other Lip Gloss.
I have only purchased this once because it is $5 each.

The other expensive lip balm I also enjoy trying is Korres' Guava Lip Butter.
The only reason why I bought this was that it was on sale - about $5 where usually it cost $14+ at Sephora.
It smells great and really moisturize my lips.
It is like I am putting yummy butter on my lips.
Last but not least Principessa lip balm, "bacio me".
As I mentioned in my previous post it is very similar to CO Bigelow's Shea Lip Butter.
This is a nice to have because it cost $11 each.  I will only purchase if it's on sale.

I am trying to finish my current lip balms before I purchase any more.
If you have any lip balm suggestions, please let know.


  1. Try EOS Lip Balms! =) I LOVE THEM

    1. I have one but I don't like it as much as everyone else. However, I want to try their hand lotion. I have not seen it at my local Canadian Walmart unless it is buried in one of their isles. :)

  2. Carmex is one of my favorites too! I also love Blistex Lip Medix.