Sunday, 15 January 2012


I am working on my New Years Resolution.
Drink more water and eat more healthy salads.

The other one is to regularly clean my skin to make it healthy and glowing and maybe give me the dreamy peach like complexion.
My sister in-law gave me some nose strips to help me detox my nose.
The strips looks like the Biore's nose strips.

This brand is called Etude House from Korea.

She purchased them from a store in Korean Town.
The first strip is cotton soaked with fruit extracts to help remove black & white heads.
The second strip is soaked with herbal extracts to tighten pores.

The trouble I found with the first strip is that it won't stay on.
I think I have to lie down for this first step.
It does not have an adhesive to make it stay put.
Afterwards I took the Q-tip to rub off the black/white heads in a downward motion.
I didn't see any but I did it anyway.
Luckily the second strip had an adhesive so I was able to go about my day without having it falling off.
After taking off the 2nd strip, I can't really tell if my pores has tightened.

My overview:
Price - $2.50 a pack is pretty expensive in my option, especially I didn't see any improvement. Not sure if I am suppose to give it a month to see any difference.  That is too expensive to see if something may or may not work.
Easy - it is easy to use but I wish both strips had adhesives.
Smell - Both didn't have any terrible odour.
Where - so far I only know it can be purchase at your local Korean grocery store - I think
Pain - no pain putting it on or off
Result - none, well I did not see anything
Repurchase - No, I will save my money and look for other options.

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