Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shopping time...

We did some beauty products shopping the other day at Vaughan Mills.
I headed over to StyleSense and bought myself Bliss: fabulous foaming face wash, Kumaara Luminescent Primer, and Opi: Little Romantics set (limited edition).
I have realized that one of the nail polish is not suppose to be in the set.
I am suppose to get a clear top coat nail polish but it came with a red one...
It is OK...I like it.
I know I didnt find that the Bliss Foaming face wash works for me but I was willing to give it another chance.  Maybe if I use it more often...
I always wanted to own some OPI nail polish so I could not resist.
They are my first OPI and I love it.
My nail polish collections is now growing.
StyleSense is another sister store of Winners/HomeSense/Marshall's.
I found they have a good selections on makeup and creams...I think I might be purchasing from them more often.

The 4th nail polish is wrong...should be a clear top coat

One coat


  1. I know Winners/HomeSense/Marshall's and have been shopping in all of them. StyleSense I've never heard of though and I've not seen one around either.

  2. Debbie White Beattie19 July 2017 at 23:17

    I've never heard of StyleSense but if you got all these products there then I want one. I only have Winners/HomeSense/Marshall's in my area.