Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Before Christmas

I know we still have about 2 months but I have already been thinking about Christmas gifts all year round.
I have already purchase some item through out the year and I will have to say I am about 75% done.
Mostly I just have to wrap them.
I am never big on Christmas.
Many years I hated it because of the stress.  Still do.

Last year was the first time that I didnt have a Christmas get together.
Only because someone decided to host a birthday party a week before and people only wanted to go to that and not the Christmas party...go figure.
I am not sure there will be another one this year.
If no one wants to come, I am not going to force them.
This year I wanted to host a Thanksgiving Dinner (Oct 11) but no one wanted to show up so once again I have cancelled it.  The past two years we had a fun time but I dont know why people just dont want to show up this year.
Next month I will be asking people if they want to show up for a birthday party.  I wonder if I have to cancel that one too!

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