Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Body Shop All In One BB Cream ~ #Review

When BB cream first came into the Canadian market I fell in love with them and used them ever since. Over the past year I had the chance to try many brands of BB cream and it was trial and error trying to find the perfect one for my face. When The Body Shop came out with their own version it has been selling like hot cakes.

The Body Shop All In One BB Cream

Monday, 28 July 2014

Live Clean Age Resist Collection ~ #Review & #Giveaway

Years ago, I never did take care of my hair like I do now. When I was younger I didn’t need hair conditioner. My hair was usually healthy and silky smooth. As I grow older I have noticed my hair has become drier so I started using conditioners then later leave-in conditioners. My hair has seen it all except having my head shaved. It has been blow dried, perm, coloured, curled, ironed, and air dried. Don’t forget I live in the city so add in pollution and UV rays when I am out in the sun. For years I always had my hair length around the shoulders and it only have been a few years I let it grow down to my waist. I have noticed my hair can’t survive without conditioner and leave-in hair conditioner after the shower. As the hair gets longer, the drier at the tip it becomes. To keep my hair soft, silky, smooth, and healthy, I used Live Clean Age Resist.

Live Clean Age Resist